Caeser has several champs in his bloodline, all nice to know, but heh, he's just a cool dog to me. I haven't given any thought to breeding him, and wouldn't anyway until he's at least 3 years old. Ditto with entering him in shows. He's just enjoying being a puppy right now (a 195 lb. puppy!). He will continue to put on weight until he is between 225-250 lbs! Speaking of which, we feed him Eukanuba Large Breed Formula . Any donations?

A very loveable breed and good with kids, but beware of the downsides: (1) a face full of slobber (in your face!) at least 10 times a day, and (2) Caeser loves hugs and affection. Constantly. Let me reiterate. CONSTANTLY! But, heh, you gotta luv him!

Due to their enormous size and the subsequent strain on their ciculatory and skeletal systems, the average lifespan of these loveable beasts is only 8-10 years old. I hope to extend that by feeding him high quality, nutrient-dense food and by walking him 1 hour daily. Maybe those walks will extend my life too, huh?